The best simple and without any problems to get in touch we provide you a best support and a best quality off service ott iptv.

This services PREMIUM IPTV OTT AND DIAMOND OTT, are the best ott iptv services for Afrique, Europe, U.K, U.S.A, all countries with epg and replay, the vod section are the most complet in all Iptv services that we find in Europe.

Try our services, send to our contact section the device that you want test it in, like if you want test in :

Pc, smart tv, box Formuler, mag, tvip, box Android with apps that we give to you , smartphones with apps that we fournishe to you, you only have to sent a email to us explaining what’s the service that you want test , and the device that you have to test it, we support all devices. And we help you with tutorials in video to make all simple to you with your devices.

The plans with box include are already configured, you only need to connect to your tv and Internet, and its done.

We recommend use of a VPN APPLICATION, like:




you can find free vpn application to but we recommend to buy a vpn application.

In our boxes + service plan the box its FORMULER BOX with a vpn application already installed.


We are there for you… 24/7

Author: Bossiptv/ott

THE BEST IPTV/OTT PROVIDER Services in streaming ott the number 1° in the world off ott

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